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Schlock Type Amorph
Type: Monster
Intelligence: Medium
Height: Base 3' diameter, can be inflated.
Weight: Base 200-300 Kgs (440-660 Lbs), modified by what's eaten.
# Encountered: 1
Frequency: Rare
Attack Values:
Missile: -2 hit, -2 init
Unarmed: +1 hit, +2 damage, +1 WS
Swallow: 3d10 per segment or Containment (if the one swallowed isn't being contained it can try to fight it's way out, if it has a magical wand or rod it stands a good chance of succeeding, but it'll take damage while doing it).
DR: 0
AR: 0
AvA: 1
Saving Throw: 10
Special: Body Control, no vital organs, enhanced sense of touch.
Life Points: 220 + 2d20
Flow Points: 60 +1d8
NDP: 4
Move: G: 3, A: 3, W/O (Liquid): 5
Allies: Varies, but generally: Minotaurs, Orcs, Ogres, Dwarves
Enemies: Morphs, Gnomes

Amorphs are an unusual race which does not follow the same rules as most other sentient races. The shape of an Amorph is always blob-like, but not always the same as other blob-like Amorphs. Their shape is connected with their personality. An Amorph under lots of Human influence (like Schlock) will tend towards two arms with a "head" and "mouth" on a "face". An Amorph hanging around octopod critters would probably look different. This is not required, however, and Amorphs can pretty much look like any sort of blob-like creature. While originally a simple blob-spheroid, Amorphs can generate limbs, and usually will have the same number of "arms" as its traveling companions. An Amorph can, however, produce multiple limbs. Theoretically, a well-fed, well practiced Amorph could wield several swords at once very effectively, or wield weapons while casting magic. Amorphs have no specialized organs. Many have acquired symbiotic eyes, and these can be placed inside the body to protect them if necessary. Not all Amorphs have eyes, and those that don't must rely on their senses of Touch and Smell.

As an Amorph loses Life Points to physical damage, he loses its of himself. When all LP are gone he is considered "splattered" and will have to regenerate before combat can resume. If a section of the body is severed, the Amorph loses a % of LP equal to the % severed until it can be reattached. Regeneration beyond 90% of the max LP requires a full meal (usually 10kg of anything organic) and 20 minutes. Aside from recovering LP, an Amorph's regeneration will pull all the pieces of the body back together over time. Regeneration time from splattered to active depends on how far you remembered to scatter his pieces. It is possible to prevent an Amorph from recovering from a splatter by permanently separating his pieces, but if the pieces are ever reunited, the Amorph will return. An Amorph's symbiotic eyes can only take 5 LP of damage before they are disabled. An Amorph's eyes will not heal and must be replaced (see below). A called shot for the eyes requires a 1 or better to hit (modified by DR). Area affect spells are not treated as hitting the eyes for purposes of disabling them.

Amorphs are particularly susceptible to heat when splattered, and can be killed by applying high heat (carbon-cracking heat, like a kiln) to the splattered bits. Drowning, hard vacuum, extreme cold, and other such nuisances simply put them into suspended animation. That which does not target the physical body, or which utterly destroys the physical body can kill them. Amorphs are nearly impossible to resurrect, and any resurrection spell costs double to use on them.

Amorphs are much, much stronger than normal races because they can apply all of their mass to force. The Amorphs have problems producing dexterous hands or fingers, and can have problems handling fine controls.

In personality, Amorphs tend to be brash, direct and somewhat overbearing. Amorphs do not like being told that they cannot do something, but will always jump to the call to volunteer for things they enjoy. Amorph personalities tend to vary, and be heavily influenced by where they grew up and who they grew up with. They do not take on the personalities of races they are near, but rather, take a personality that is somehow related to it. Despite being physically sexless, Amorphs identify with gender-roles permanently. There are He and She Amorphs. How Amorphs reproduce is unknown, but it is known that it is not by asexual cloning. Amorphs may be able to reproduce with other races, but it is not yet known how this could occur, or what the resulting offspring would be. When two Amorphs fight, they meld into each other, and when it's over, the winner is the personality that controls the body. The loser's personality, memories, calories, etc. are absorbed, and may change the winner permanently. You cannot come through it with your personality completely intact and unchanged. The combat is performed by doing a series of body control contests against the opponent's Presence. Each success reduces the opponent's NDP by 1. The winner is healed to full LP and FP and absorbs the other Amorph entirely (but does not recover his NDP). The winner gains level 1 in any skill the loser had that the winner did not, and +1 to any stat the loser had higher than the winner. This kind of combat is very rare, because for both parties it is essentially suicide. Thus, when an intelligent Amorph decides to kill another Amorph, he/she'll usually pick a heat weapon, and fight from a safe distance.

Amorphs tend to prefer magical projectile and blunt weapons that can be stored inside the body cavity. They are particularly fond of energy type weapons. Amorphs do not like sharp weapons, as they are hard to store. While Amorphs are fond of spells, they are particularly bad at them because of their inconsistent body structure. All known spells cast by an Amorph are 50% more expensive than normal, unless the Amorph is in its base form, in which case it is only 25% more. If the Amorph does not know the spell, it costs double, regardless of form. Any bullshitting attempts by an Amorph are at a penalty of 2 to the Flow Roll.

An Amorph can acquire his eyes from a number of sources. The usual method is to "pluck" them from an "eye" tree, which naturally grows in the Amorph's homeland (thus any PC Amorph can assume he has eyes). These plants however, are very rare outside of the homeland. The Amorph can also acquire eyes from two living creatures if the plants are not available. First, the Amorph can attempt to absorb a regular Morph. This is done by engaging in mortal combat with the Morph as if it were a normal Amorph (once the Morph is absorbed it has no choice but to engage in the combat). However, with this combat, the NDP loss is only temporary, and the Morph uses Morphology instead of Body Control. The Morph who loses is not killed, but loses his eyes (the Morph can automatically regain his eyes by sacrificing 1 NDP permanently). If the Morph wins, it absorbs an NDP permanently from the Amorph and spits the Amorph out. The final way that an Amorph can get eyes is by killing a Beholder. Amorphs are immune to the Beholders' powers, and can claim the stalk eyes of a freshly killed Beholder (less than 1 hour old). The Amorph does not gain the Beholder's eye powers.

P.C. Notes:
STR +8, DEX -3, AGL -1, PER +2 (touch) -2 (other), PRES -7, NDP -1 (min. 1).
Racial Skills: Crossbow *, Body Control **, Magic Arrow II (does not count against MLS)

Body Control:
Base 6 - Stats: END, LUCK
1 - This level allows the Amorph to regenerate his physical form after being splattered. This regeneration restores up to 5 LP per segment of "splatter" damage, and can restore a severed section in 2 segments. The amount that can be regenerated is limited by how much of the splattered body can reach the main body in a segment - the parts move at a A/G/W of 1. This regeneration has no effect on non-physical damage, and does not restore LP damage until the Amorph is splattered or severed.
2 - This level allows the Amorph to generate limbs and other shaped protrusions from the main body. It also allows the Amorph to inflate up to triple his size by storing air within the body, or collapse the body by exhaling all air.
3 - This level allows for the storage of items and things within the Amorph's body cavity without the stomach acid destroying them. The Amorph can also remove its only organs (eyes) and place them safely inside the body. Living things can be stored within the body without suffocating. The Amorph must make a check when excited to keep from drooling on the stored items.
4 - This level allows the Amorph to perform minor shape changing. The Amorph cannot change color, and will remain somewhat blob-like. The Amorph will move awkwardly and slowly, and must revert to its base form to perform complicated actions. The Amorph does NOT gain partial bonuses for shape changing, only appearance. The Amorph is limited in how much it can change its size, going no more than triple its size and no less than 1/4th of its starting size.
5 - This level allows the Amorph to perform more complicated shape changing. The Amorph still cannot change color, but can become a more convincing copy of other things. The Amorph's movement is less awkward and faster, and the Amorph can take on more definite forms, such as another living creature. The Amorph will still have to revert in order to perform complex actions.

This entry is based upon information currently available through the online comic strip Schlock Mercenary at www.schlockmercenary.com. The entry is subject to change as more information is revealed about the race. All information regarding Amorph abilities with the Flow are adaptations created for Dawnfire, and do not necessarily reflect their abilities in the original Schlock Mercenary comic strip.

Amorphs are copyright Howard Tayler, and are produced here with his express permission.

Schlock image copyright 2001, The Tayler Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. Visit http://www.schlockmercenary.com for more information

Dawnfire and the Dawnfire Logo are trademarks of Dawnfire Games.