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For those of you who have been checking back here, it's about time you see some kind of change on this page. Unfortunately, it's not quite the kind of change both you and ourselves would like to see -- in other words, we wish we could tell you that in just a couple of months, we'll have a lovely World Expansion ready for you to use and peruse.

However, it's just not to be. At least not right now. There have been a lot of things that have gotten in our way -- some things that have affected everyone as a whole, and some things that ahve affected those of us specifically at Dawnfire -- but the end result is that we're very far behind on our tentative publishing schedules.

If you'll be at GenCon this year, you'll be able to drop by our table and take a look at a tiny taste of what we want our World Expansion to become. We figured, if we can't get the whole thing out right now, we at least want to let you know that we're working as hard as we can to get things moving.

We just want to thank you for your patience and perserverance, and if you do happen to be at GenCon, come on by and say hello!

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