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This is where we will answer people's questions about the rules. This page will not contain new rules, but merely clarifications of old rules. Please e-mail your questions to the Game's Creator.

1) What do I do if I'm half-Makir and I want to take education? It doesn't seem fair to gain the languages, because I already have them.

For each Literacy the character should receive, the character may take any other educational skill at level 2.

2) What should be done about skill points for starting characters above level one? There is no way they should have only starting skills, but it it's not fair to make them equal with the people who have been putting time into a game.

While it is always up to the FL to determine the benefits of starting at a higher level, the most commonly accepted solution is to give the character 1d6 SP per level and the Focus Skill Point that they should have received when going up a level.
When using this rule, the character should spend the skill points gained for a level, and then raise to the next level. This will make aquisition of FP and LP more fair than if all of the SP are spent before any levels are raised.

3) I am playing a Morph, and I am trying to hide what I really am, but anyone with Flow Vision (naturally or through a spell) can always tell what I am. How can I prevent this?

Flow Stealth, the skill, can be used to disguise one's own Flow signature as well as hiding it completely. It takes a Level 3 check to do so.

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