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Weclome to ... Dawnfire

"Hey --"

"Shut. Up."


It was the third time Firrin had tried to initiate conversation with his travelling companion. He used the phrase loosely -- the minotaur was a reluctant pal, at best -- but she was all Firrin had.

"--I'm sorry --"

"What part of shut up do you not understand?" the minotaur rumbled, the misty rain collecting on the very, very sharp points of her very, very long horns. Her black fur was slick and flat against her skin, and she looked thoroughly miserable.

Firrin softened his focus, let the road ahead wash into a green and muddy blur. "--I just wanna thank you for walking with me."

Her eyes narrowed, and the mace strapped to her back clinked ominously with her every step. "Only as long as it takes to get you into a tavern and beat those scraggly teeth out of your head," the minotaur snarled.

Okay, so it had been his fault that she'd gotten caught up in this mess. But she didn't have to go and save his life, either....

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Dawnfire is a fantasy roleplaying system set in a unique world. Through the guidance of simple and flexible rules, players can create any character imaginable -- from Martial Artists to Mages, Thieves to Tailors, Berzerkers to Battle Chefs, Paladins to Playboys -- and Firelords can just as easily create campaigns that revolve around these creations. Additionally, an original magic system allows for spontaneous magic use in addition to more traditional spellcasting, and there are no occupational or class-based restrictions limiting character stats, skills, or abilities. Dawnfire offers unprecedented freedom in creating, running, and playing in a Fantasy RPG that few other games can match!

The menu above at left provides a number of options for you to explore the Dawnfire world. Be warned, though, that this site will be undergoing more frequent updates, so keep checking back here for new resources and information!

...."I'll buy you a drink?" Firrin offered.

"You can't afford it," she sneered, the rain collecting in droplets in the furrows on her snout. Her breath suddenly steamed out through slitted nostrils, and Firrin let himself fall back a step or two. Not that keeping up with a minotaur was an easy thing. The tufts of his ears barely reached her waist.

Firrin sighed, the rain making his tail droop int he mud. Well. She'd called his bluff. He still wasn't quite sure why she'd saved him, seeing as he'd gotten caught red-handed, penniless, picking the purse of a well-known merchant in Josper, the town that was at least three soggy miles behind them.

"Thanks anyway, then," he said resignedly, and went back to watching his boots squelch in the mud.

"Ferris --"


"--Thief. All I ask is that you can it for a mile. Can you do that? Please?"


The minotaur wheeled her head at him in exasperation, but he held his silence afterwards for a long, long time.

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