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Magic Items

Armband of the Shockar Armor of Spell Diversion
Blanket of Healing Book of Mystic Recipies
Candlestick of Single Eyes Circus Wire
Drop Knife Engagement Ring
Expander Crystal Flute of Silent Sounds
Fruit of Restoration Glasses of Night Vision
Handle of Opening Kaigetsu
Mechanical Spider Medallion of Adaption
Medallion of the Order of Kenjin Pan Flute
Ring of the Center Sheath Bracelet
Silver Skull Cap Soft Skin Shoes
Staff of Spells Sword of Cold Reflection
Sword of the Kistriv Concordance Sword of Transformation
Targeting Bracer Tool Box
Xannanite Sacrificial Dagger

Armband of the Shockar
Owned by: Narielle
Punching into the ground while wearing this armband will create a 5' radius which will trap a person to the ground for 1 min +1 / 5 FP. The person can still move, but can not leap or fly off the ground.

Armor of Spell Diversion
Owned by Narielle
This armor is made of a strange Flow Diverting metal. This armor will divert spells around it the way aerodynamic vehicles divert air. This effectively makes the wearer immune to targeted spells. Any spell which targets the wearer will be directed around the wearer and will continue behind the wearer for up to the spell's current maximum range or until it hits a valid target. Spells which target the armor have a 50% chance of similarly being redirected. Because of the shape and nature of the armor, it does have a weak section on the back from the base of the neck to the tailbone. Any spells which directly target this area (penalty of 4 to hit) would not be redirected, and would operate as normal. Despite looking like Full-Plate, the armor only has the stats of normal Plate mail (plus helm, gauntlets and boots).

Blanket of Healing
Owned by: Ambria
This blanket is extremely large and warm. Anyone sleeping under it recovers +5 LP for the rest period.

Book of Mystic Recipies
Owned by Tol
This book was compiled by an old witch until she was mysteriously killed in her home. The book contains many recipies for dishes with magical properties (Healing Stews, Blinding Chili, Truth Soup, etc.). The recipies are very complicated, and require a minimum of Cooking Level 4 to make properly. The chef must have Flow Mechanics Level 1 or Arcane Knowledge Level 4 to understand the nature of the recipies.
There is no index which lists the magical properties of the recipies, and the book is organized by the nature of the dish (appetizer, salad, soup, fish, etc.).

Candlestick of Single Eyes
Owned by: Ambria
When a candle is put into this candlestick and lit, it gives off light that only can be seen by those touching or linked to it.

Circus Wire
Owned by: Ambria
This wire can be set up anywhere as a high wire. If each end is touched to a solid surface, it will affix to them. It will extend taught between the two points. It can not be knocked loose. If linked to, it can be thrown to the second surface. It can be removed by linking to it and pulling or by making a Level 2 Flow Mechanics Roll. It retracts into a small coil. Maximum length of 500 feet.

Drop Knife
Owned by: Ambria
This knife can not be dropped or knocked out of its wielder's hand.

Engagement Ring
Owned by: Narielle
This enchanted ring will automatically Auto Ressurect the person wearing it upon death. It can only be used once. NDP is lost as usual.

Expander Crystal
Owned by: Travis
This Flow crystal starts at 1' radius, 1/4 lb and holding up to 10 FP. It has no limit on the amount of Flow that can be stored in it, but for each 10 FP put into it, it gains 1/4 lb and 1" radius.

Flute of Silent Sounds
Owned by: N/A
This flute can be used to generate sounds of mystical effect. It can generate a Charm Animal spell, a Sleep spell, a Control Animal spell or a Summon Animal spell. It can also be used to call Faeries.

Fruit of Restoration
Owned by: Tol - 2 Pieces
Each piece of this fruit fully heals LP/FP of anyone who eats it (must eat the whole piece).

Glasses of Night Vision
Owned by: Jaerin Keller
These glasses give its wearer Night Vision.

Handle of Opening
Owned by: Jaerin Keller
This handle can open a portal between doors prepared with Level 3 Flow Mechanics, Can open a portal between a painted door and a prepared door or two painted doors, painted with Level 4 Artist and Level 3 Flow Mechanics.

Owned by Narielle.
Forged by the Gunry, this strange curved blade made of rare metals is an awesome sight which strikes fear into its opponents. If it were a complete circle, it would be 6' in diameter. It is bladed on both sides, and only has a small hand hold where it is safe to grip it. The weapon is awkward to wielded, requiring the dedication of a specialist to use it properly. It has a Weapon Speed of 17, and a penalty of 2 to hit, but deals 2d30 damage. In the hands of a Fairy, it has a bonus of 10 to WS (ie WS=7) and no penalty to hit.

Mechanical Spider
Owned by: Travis
A golden spider with a foot diameter body and 2 foot legs. Its body can weave a web which is very strong. Its pincers deal 1d4 damage, but can cut through metal. The spider must be linked to to operate, unless the remote is also owned. Operation without the remote requires Flow Mechanics Level 3 and Lore: Animals or Spiders Level 1. A Flow Crystal having at least 100 FP must be placed within the spider for it to work.

Medallion of Adaption
Owned by: Jaerin Keller
The wearer of this medallion is immune to gas attacks. The wearer can also breathe underwater or in a vacuum.

Medallion of the Order of Kenjin
Owned by: Kusanami
This medallion allows the user to generate a shield in front of his hand. The user must be linked to it for it to work. The shield costs 30 FP, and can block up to 50 LP in damage per turn. If it takes more than 50 points in any given turn, the wielder must make an Endurance Save (with a penalty of 1 for each additional 50 points taken after the first 50) or pass out.

Pan Flute
Owned by: Narielle
When played right, this flute summons the nearest Satyr. The Satyr will not attack as long as the person holds the pipe. The pipe can also banish the Satyr.

Ring of the Center
Owned by: Ambria
This ring will make the user immune to area effect spells. The user cannot cast area spells centered on himself.

Sheath Bracelet
Owned by: Narielle
A simple metal bracelet with a clear gem on top. It also has a chain which can be "attached" to a weapon. Once this is done, the weapon is magically stored in the gem. It can be drawn at any time by a person who is linked to and wearing the bracelet. Note, the bracelet can be piece tied with a Level 4 Flow Mechanics (and Level 4 Flow Link if at a distance).

Silver Skull Cap
Owned by: Narielle
When worn, this skull cap doubles the character's MLS.

Soft Skin Shoes
Owned by: Kusanami
These shoes can not be destroyed or damaged by any force or magic. They have no AR or AP however.

Staff of Spells
Owned by: Grumma
This staff can learn spells. These spells can not be speed cast, and must take the full SS.

Sword of Cold Reflection
Owned by: N/A
With a successful to hit roll against a DR equal to the opponent's to hit bonus, this sword can redirect any Cold spell. The redirection requires a to hit roll (using Flow Combat, not Sword skill).

Sword of the Kistriv Concordance
Owned by: Ambria
This sword can absorb Flow from an opponent and use it to "recharge" its wielder. It absorbs 1 FP per hit, it absorbs all Flow used to deflect or otherwise shield from the sword.

Sword of Transformation
Owned by: Ambria
This long sword, when linked to, automatically changes to an appropriate weapon if the wielder shapechanges. For example, it might become an axe if the wielder became a Dwarf, a smaller sword for a Kair, and so on. It will automatically grow with or shrink with its wielder. It will become enhanced natural weapontry which deals the sword's damage with the natural weapon's speed if the wielder turns into an animal or a werecreature. Regardless of size or shape, it will always deal the same regular Long Sword damage. The wielder has no control over the shape the sword acquires, unless he has Flow Mechanics or Morphology Level 4.

Targeting Bracer
Owned by: Grumma
This bracer has four small gems imbedded in it. When worn and linked to, it allows the wearer to increase spell accuracy dramatically at a cost to Spell Speed. For each additional segment spent shaping the spell, the Shaper may release one gem which will then start encircling the spell target (+1 to SS per gem released). When the spell is finished, any gems released will draw the power of the spell to the target, giving a -1 to hit per gem released. If all four gems are released they "link" to each other, creating a greater draw, and the bonus to hit becomes -8. The target can defend against this by making a Flow Stealth Level 3 check against each gem as it is released.
After the gem starts circling, the Flow Stealth check is at Level 7 difficulty (if all 4 are circling, then it's a Level 15 difficulty).

Tool Box
Owned by: Tol
This box folds open to reveal 7 levels of tools/instruments. Currently it is filled with cooking knives and utensils. It always weighs 15 pounds, regardless of whether it is full or empty.

Xannanite Sacrificial Dagger
Owned by: Ambria
This Xannanite ceremonial dagger dates back to the days before Monster was considered the great evil of the Xannanite Faith. In fact, it dates back to the days when sacrifices to Xanny were common, and the religion bore very little resemblance to its current incarnation. The dagger allows the wielder to gain the benefits of Blood Magic without having to understand or use Blood Magic regularly. If the wielder is a practitioner of Blood Magic, he receives double the normal FP from a Sacrifice.

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