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Monsters are found everywhere in the Dawnfire world, and if you're to survive the many encounters you're bound to have, you'd be well advised to know as much as you can about them. They are not all mindless creatures you know, in fact some are extremely smart, maybe even smarter than you are. There's nothing they won't do, nothing is beyond them, always remember that. If you don't believe me, just read the letter below from a disciple to his teacher. Pay attention and you might learn something.


I only hope this letter will reach you on time. The situation is dire, the settlement is all but destroyed. All around me there are nothing but ruins. It is the smell though which troubles me the most, for once I wish my nose wasn't as sharp as it is. All the bodies have been removed but the stench of burning flesh and spilled blood remains. Death is all around me, the death of my friends, the death of my family. I can't help feeling guilty for what happened, as community leader it was my duty to prepare against this sort of thing, to see it coming. The others tell me that it wasn't my fault; for years we had lived peacefully in this forest after reaching an agreement with those creatures, we had all grown complaisant because of it. The whole problem started a little over two weeks ago when more of the creatures showed up. Immediately the tensions started, those abominations not missing a chance to vilify us, raising the others' animosity.

I tried sending envoys to reassure them of our peaceful intentions towards them, the results were tragic. The new arrivals ambushed and killed the envoys, and then claimed they had been a raiding party. After that, a battle was inevitable. We were not happy but we believed we were ready. What we didn't know was that there were some extremely powerful shapers among the newcomers, much more powerful than ours. One after the other our defenses, magical and otherwise, fell to their spells and, once among us, they began to kill indiscriminately. Women, children, even infants, no one was safe. I blame myself for not giving the order to evacuate while we still could.

I was wounded during the attack sir, mortally so. I am sorry to die. Sorry because there is still so much I want to do and now I know I will never have the chance... I am not afraid though. Thanks to you I know there is an Afterlife, and I know I’ve been true to the Faith, so I have no doubt that Monster will receive me with open arms.

There’s only one thing I would like to ask you, please stop those humanoids. Don’t let them go on with their campaign of terror. I ask it not for me, and not out of revenge, but for the other monsters out there who want nothing more than to live in peace without having to fear for their lives. Gorgon, I know of all your past exploits as a priest to our beloved Monster, I have faith in you.

Thank you very much for all you've done for me, someday we'll meet again.

Berloch Nomir

The letter above is an excerpt from the upcoming Dawnfire novel by Raphael Sutton

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