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Type: Monster
Intelligence: Medium
Height: 5'-6'
Wingspan: 12'
Weight: 4,000-5,000 lbs.
Horn: 37-49'
# Encountered: 1-6
Frequency: Uncommon
Attack Value:
Stampede: +1 to hit, +10 damage, +4 init
Stomp/Crush: 6d10 +12 dam, +3 to hit, WS: 3
Horn: 3d6 +4, Ws: 2
DR: -3
AR: 9
AvA: 1
Saving Throw: 12
Special: Horn Powers
Life Points: 110 + 4d20
Flow Points: 70 +2d8
NDP: 6
Move: G: 20, with Wings: 75
Allies: Monster Priests
Enemies: Poachers

Pegarhinos are huge white rhinoceroses with gray wings. They have a familial community, but are social to other Pegarhinos as long as they do not try and take over their territory. Pegarhinos are exceptionally massive and because of their mass, cannot actually fly. Their wings however serve three purposes. The first purpose is during mating season. The male uses its wings to court a female by doing a mating dance. Their wings can also give them enough leverage to allow a Pegarhino to stand up on two legs. Their wings increase their running speed and can enable them to turn better during fights.

Pegarhinos have three magical horns. The first two at the top of the head are rather small they are up to 6 inches high. The horn at the tip of its nose is large and can be up to 49' high. The top two have defensive powers. The first horn can heal (FP cost 15 per 10 LP healed, WS: 2). The second horn can call 1d6 of his herd to come to his aide within 1d4 segments and is only cast if the Pegarhino is alone and in need of aide (FP cost 25). The largest horn has an offensive power. It can create a tornado that will last 4 segments (FP 60 WS: 3). This is a last ditch effort attack and the Pegarhino will go into lifepoints to cast it. A STR, AGL and DEX check must be made in order to not be swept away. Anyone who does not get swept away receives 2d4 wind damage a segment. On the last segment of the tornado, those who get swept away will receive 4d6 falling damage when the tornado dies down.

Pegarhinos are very skittish and will attack those it perceives as threatening. Pegarhinos fight intelligently and will use their abilities as well as their weight advantage against their opponents. Pegarhinos will use their flight ability to walk on two legs in order to crush an opponent. Crushing damage is 6d10 + 12. If alone and outmatched a Pegarhino will call for allies. One Pegarhino will use the tornado power to move its opponents off the ground. Once the opponent is on the ground, the herd will stampede past at top speed. Each rhino does 4d8 +2 in trample damage. Those that are still standing the Pegarhino will attempt to impale with its large horn.

A Pegarhino can be approached without being immediately attacked. Either a Monster priest or a person with Animal Handling Level 3 or higher is needed in order to keep them from attacking. Poachers are constantly hunting Pegarhinos. Many people believe that the horn is highly powerful and valuable. What most people do not know is that the horn is just a casting mechanism and has no real powers without the Pegarhino.

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