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Sprite Friend
Base: NDP
Stats: PRES, MAN

  1. See and Speak with all Sprites
  2. Call Sprites - As a summon spell, calls natural local sprites
  3. Sprite Request - Sprites must make a save to deny requests.
    Call can bring sprites that are not native, but would be acceptable
  4. Sprite Power - For 10 FP can use touch power of a nearby sprite
    Call can bring any sprites which could be in area
    Request becomes stronger, Save at 1/2
  5. Sprite Form - Can temporarily turn into a sprite which could be in area
    Call can bring any sprite, regardless of terrain
    Request becomes almost irresistible to sprites, Save only with a 1.

Lay on Hands
Dalan Tuskalusa
Base: 6
Stats: PRES, END

  1. Closes Wounds in 1 segment for 1 FP
  2. For 1 FP / neg LP, touch can bring anyone in -LP to Dalan's NDP. LP may be spent for this. It takes 2 Segments. The touch can also heal a target for Level in Lay on Hands in LP per LP spent by user. The LP restored can be increased by the level of a successful Pain Resistance check. These LP return at FP recovery rate. This takes 1 seg / LP spent.
  3. Touch can re-attach severed Limbs for 35 FP or 10 LP. It can also repair damaged organs for 65 FP or 25 LP. It can not regrow missing limbs/organs. This use takes 1 minute.
  4. The touch cures poisons and diseases at a cost of its strength in LP and FP. This use takes the strength of the poison/disease in Segments.
  5. Touch can ressurrect the dead. This use drops the user to his End in LP (or End x level of successful Pain Resistance check). This use takes 5 minutes. The touch can regrow lost limbs as well. This use costs double the targets endurance in FP. Regrowing limbs takes 1 minute.

Enhanced Learning
Base: N/A
Stats: N/A

Multiply SP gained from study or training by level in skill

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