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Stain Remover (commonly used by Housewifes, Servants, etc.)
FP Cost: 4 Area: 1 Garment
Range: Touch SS: 1 Minute
Duration: N/A Save: N/A
Targets: 1 Stain Strenght: Special

This spell will remove one stain from a garment that is being washed. It must be cast while washing the garment and scrubbing the stained area. This spell removes weak stains automatically, and doubles the chance of removing complex stains. The chance of removing a complex stain is increased by a factor of one for each extra FP spent (i.e. 3x for 1 FP, 4x for 2 FP, 5x for 3 FP, etc).

Check Bit
FP Cost: 2                       Area: 1 Pouch + 1/FP
Range: Touch + 1'/1 FP      SS: 0
Duration: Instant               Save: N/A
Targets: 5 Bits + 3/1 FP     Strenght: N/A

This spell checks bits for their inherant properties, allowing anyone familiar with those properties to spot counterfeits. This is effectively a Minor Incant, meaning that it does not count against a character's MLS.

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