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Calendar Year Date Events
- 99,999 BH Jan 1 During the Dawnfire, The First Dragon and Leeder come into being.
- 99,999 BH Jan 2 Argument begins as to which of them was born first.
- 99,950 BH Jan 1 The second Dragon (Solar) and Eisiana are created by the First Dragon and Leeder during the Dawnfire for company.
- 99,950 Jan 2 The courtship begins.
- 99,949   First Ocean Dragon is born.
- 99,949   The Kair race begins.
- 99,948   First Mountain Dragon is born.
- 99,947   First Island Dragon is born.
- 99,946   First Sky Dragon is born.
- 99,945   First Swamp Dragon is born.
- 99,944   First Plains Dragon is born.
- 99,943   First Desert Dragon is born.
- 99,943   The first sprites begin to form.
- 99,942   First Arctic Dragon is born.
- 99,941   First Forest Dragon is born.
- 63,000   Dwarves Come into being.
- 60,000   Makir Race Splits off from Kair.
- 50,007   Leeder "dies" and enters the ring.
- 50,002   The First Dragon, missing his friend, decides to settle into the earth and begins his path down to the core.
- 50,001   The First Subterranean Dragon is born.
- 50,000   Official year of the great sleep.
- 49,840   Races who followed First into the ground settle down and become the ancestors of the Trog Race.
- 30,000   Gnomes come into existence.
- 29,500   Solvir split off from Kair.
- 29,400   Goblins come into being.
- 20,000   Kit'cha come into being.
- 14,000   Hob Goblins come into being.
- 8,000   Kobolds come into being.
- 3,000   Garin Come into being.
- 2,850   Minotaurs and Orcs Come into being.
-100   Centaurs come into existence.
0   Humans and Aerials split evolutionarily, both become "real" races.
50   First 1/2 Makir is born.
1,085   The Great Necromancer first appears and is stopped by Hayden's ancestors.
1,530   The Second Rising of the Necromancer.
2,103   The Third Rising.
2,500   The First Morph is born as a wolf.
3,000   The Second Morph is born as a Kair.
3,500   The Third Morph is born as a Goblin.
3,516   The Fourth Rising.
3,708   The First Human Morph is born.
4,007   The Fifth Rising.
4,580   Kaelen is born.
4,610   King Trauts sends Aldar, Guy, Kaelen, Fiona, Mishin I, Freunlaven, and Glurk on a quest.
4,611   Aldar Gets Hitched.
4,611   Aldar's Son is born.
4,611   Ale Goes Nuts.
4,641   Aldar's son uses the Truth Song to kill Ale, then wipes the power from himself.
4,708   The Great Cataclysm.
5,042   Fingers is born.
5,075   Boyd is Born.
5,120   Hayden is born.
5,140   Hayden made heir of Terrel.
5,214   Hayden destroys the Necromancer.
5,215   Hayden marries Queen Elyssa and is crowned King of Terrel.
5,220   Hayden's first child is born. A 1/2 Makir daughter - Artus.

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