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Type: Monster
Intelligence: Genius
Height: 3'
Weight: 45 lbs.
# Encountered: 1 or 2-5 (mated pair with children)
Frequency: Common (Note: monster is hard to identify)
Attack Value: -2 to hit
DR: 2
AR: 0
AVA: 3
Saving Throw: 13
Special: Tail: WS: 4
Bite: 1d4 + 2
Claw: 2d4
Life Points: 100 + 4d4
Flow Points: 225 + 3 d10
NDP: 7
Move: 12 G
Allies: Thieves, Garin, Human, Fairies
Enemies: Morphs

Yashin is a mischievous mystical creature that loves to steal other people's stuff. It is a four-tailed fox with golden eyes. Its fur is a beautiful silver color, which poachers covet. It is highly intelligent and can communicate to any creature through convey. Yashin love a good adventure and will often leave its forest looking for fun.

Yashin has many different powers, each, which it can use up to four times a day. It has magical tails. Each has a different power. Each power costs a certain amount of flow. The first tail allows the Yashin to shapeshift. It costs 30 FP to use this power and there is an additional price for the form is dependent upon its complexity (see small morph chart for forms and prices in the Dawnfire Handbook). The second tail has the power to heal (3d8) (FP Cost 20 cannot be pumped for additional healing). The third tail throws wind needles, which are tiny needles made out of air that do 3d8(FP Cost 20 cannot be pumped for additional damage). The fourth tail allows the Yashin to triple its speed(3x movement -3 hit, -3 dam, -3 init) (FP Cost 20). It can also split into 4 foxes, each with only one tail (FP Cost 40 + 40 per additional rd). When it splits into 4 foxes, each fox only receives one tail power. When in combat, the Yashin will split into 4 foxes, if it is fighting more than one opponent. Each fox will fight an opponent taking advantage of the tail power. It will also casts spells against its opponent if need be.

Yashin that leave home often use their shapeshifting power to blend in with the outside world. It disguises itself as a human or a Garin and will often join thieves' guild as it has a fondness for thieves. Those that choose to settle down in the human world can live normal lives. If it has children, the child will carry some trait that the Yashin has. If the child is Garin it will have up to 9 tails and each tail will have a unique power. If the child is human it will have some unique characteristic such as fox ears or a tail.

PC Notes: STR: -3, END: -3, DEX: -3, IQ: +4, PER: +2, LUCK: +3
Skills: Pick Pocket **, Stealth *, Flow *
Max Age: 900

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