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Let's be frank. The last year hasn't beent he most stable one in memory, and we've been shaken up as much as the next guy. Now, this is no excuse for the lack of updates -- merely an explanation. And, in some respects, an apology.

But we're getting back on track; work is resuming on the World Expansion, and the folks at Dawnfire are gearing up for their next appearance at GenCon. We've got lots of stuff in store for players and firelords, and we'll be doing our best to make it available to all of you. So, if you have any requests, by all means, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you ......

05/15/02: New little details are showing up on our pages; check out the new fiction tidbit on our main Player Resource page! More items like this to come!

05/10/02: New webmaster assumes duties at Changes and updates imminent -- keep checking back here for the latest!

02/05/02: New spell added to the Spells list; new question added to the FAQ. My apologies for the long periods between updates lately, I hope soon to be able to make them more regular.

01/14/02: Replaced the Dawnfire RPG Character Sheet files so that now both front and back are on the same file.

01/10/02: Clothing Costs table added to the Players section.

10/22/01: New items added to the Magic Items list.

10/08/01: Official Dawnfire RPG Character Sheet now available as a PDF file.

09/27/01: Amorph creature entry, based on Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary online strip, added to the Creatures list.

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